On the Defense of the Independence of Belarus

posted Sep 4, 2017, 9:32 AM by Адміністратар Навін   [ updated Sep 4, 2017, 9:32 AM ]

(Appeal adopted by the Conference (Assembly) of the patriotic

and democratic forces of the Republic of Belarus)

Celebrating the 26th anniversary of the Independence of Belarus we declare that the state Independence of Belarus and the Belarusian language are the greatest values of the Belarusian nation. The Belarusian patriots and all the citizens of Belarus have a duty and the honour to respect and defend these values.

We are worried because of the planned illegal and anti-constitutional military maneuvers of the Russian army (Western-2017) on the territory of Belarus. Russia began to introduce its troops to Belarus. We qualify this activity as the start of the hybrid occupation of our country as well as a violation of the state sovereignty of Belarus. Such activity of the Russian military clique represents the threat to all our neighbours: Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. The representatives of the Putin’s regime confirmed this fact in their speeches in Moscow several times.

We appeal the countries-guarantors of the Budapest Memorandum 1994 – the United States of America and Great Britain – to put pressure on Russia in order to secure the accomplishment of the obligations reflected in the Memorandum. The state independence of the Republic of Belarus has been guaranteed in accordance with the Budapest Memorandum.

We demand the Russian government and the actual government of Belarus to cancel the military maneuvers Western-2017 and to withdraw the Russian troops and military equipment from the territory of Belarus.

We appeal the Belarusian National Army which had sworn allegiance to Belarus to defend our Homeland against the Russian invasion.

We appeal the citizens and patriots of Belarus to start a campaign of civil resistance to the Russian troops using all the methods of struggle. The armed Russian soldier cannot be stationed on the Belarusian territory. The Belarusian rail-ways must not transport the military equipment and the troops of a foreign state.

We appeal the Belarusians in the whole world and the international society to support the Belarusian Independence, freedom, democracy and struggle.

August 26, 2017