On the Violation of the Sovereignty of Belarus and the Defense of Our Country

posted Aug 21, 2017, 7:19 AM by Адміністратар Навін   [ updated Aug 21, 2017, 7:19 AM ]

The President of Russia Mr. Putin is preparing the federal Low to be presented to the Russian parliament: 245943-7 “On the Troops of the Anti-Aircraft Defense on the Borders of Belarus”. This activity is coordinated with Mr. Lukashenka and signifies the introduction of the Russian system of the Anti-Aircraft Defense to Belarus as well as of the Russian missiles, their operating staff, the protecting troops and the assistant staff on duty. In political sense this fact signifies the occupation of Belarus. In the event of military conflict between Russia and the countries members of NATO Belarus will be annihilated. The first blow will be inflicted on the systems of the Anti-Aircraft Defense in the country where these systems are stationed. Thus the occupants would protect their own country from the first blow and direct it against Belarus.

Every military action of Russia against other countries from the Belarusian territory will cause the appreciation of Belarus as country aggressor and give the possibility to destroy and annihilate our country.

The occupation of Belarus has been prepared by the aggressive policy of Mr. Putin and the national treason of Mr. Lukashenka. They are allies and their purpose is to annihilate Belarus. They are basing their activity on the phantom of the so-called “united state of Belarus and Russia”. This “united state” is not acknowledged by anybody in the world. It is illegal and doesn’t exist in the reality. September 2017 Russia will carry on the military exercises Western-2017 on big scale in Belarus basing its activity on the false “united state”. In fact these military exercises represent a smoke screen in order to protect the aggressive plans of Russia which is trying to subordinate Belarus.

Since July 24, 2017 the Russian troops and fighting equipment are actively transported into Belarus from Russia. The people has identified and photographed the Russian troops without any military insignia of rank but with the automatic arms marching in the Belarusian cities.

These facts witness the gross violation of the sovereignty of Belarus and the start of the hybrid occupation of our country.

Having these facts and witnesses we inform the international society that Russia is carrying on the hybrid aggression and introducing the Russian troops to the territory of Belarus.

The capture of Belarus by the Russian military forces represents the threat to whole Europe and first of all to our neighbouring states: Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania. We propose to the governments of these countries to start the political actions in their societies and international structures in order to organize the international resistance against the military advance of the Putin’s Russia.

We appeal the citizens – the patriots of Belarus – to start the political and military guerilla resistance against the occupants. The due time came. The foreign occupation troops cannot be tolerated on the Belarusian territory. The rail-ways must not be used for the transportation of the occupation forces.

We appeal the Belarusian Army which has taken the oath to be loyal to Belarus. The enemy is marching into our country. Let you defend the Homeland against the Russian invasion.

We appeal the Belarusian soldiers and officers. Let you defend the Homeland against the Russian troops! Don’t execute any treacherous orders given by the traitors. Belarus is above all! Take everything under your military Belarusian control. Resist the occupants. If the traitors would try to use you in the war against Ukraine let you defect to the Ukrainian army and fight together with the Ukrainians against the Russian aggressors.

We appeal the Belarusians in the whole world, to the persons with the conscience and the Belarusian heart. It is necessary to be ready to the mobilization, to collect the funds, to appeal the Western societies and governments in order to support free Belarus.

The turning point is approaching. As a result the enemy of the human kind – the Moscow imperialism – will die and break its neck in our Belarus.

Long live Belarus!

Long live our Homeland!

The Soim of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian Popular Front

The Chairman of the Party Zianon Pazniak

August 13, 2017