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of the Soim of the Conservative Christian PartyBelarusian Peoples Front.

The Current Belarusian Regime Has Declared That It Is Working On “the Program Of the Implementation Of “the Union Treaty” With the Russian Federation”

The last time the official representatives, the office-holders of the senior posts in the state administration of Belarus, in particular Mr. Aliaksandr Lukashenka and Mr. Siarhey Rumas, are making the official statements on the State administration activity which is kept secret from the people. The state administration is acting together with its counterpart of the Russian Federation on the program of the implementation of “the 1999 Union Treaty” with Russia. (This “Union Treaty” is illegal, unconstitutional and never recognized in the world).

On behalf of Russia this activity is caused by the desire of the actual Russian president Mr. Vladimir Putin to maintain in perpetuity his power in the Kremlin because he cannot stand for election in the next presidential elections in 2024 in accordance with the Law. Meanwhile the incorporation of Belarus based on the never recognized 1999 Treaty would give him the opportunity to establish formally any new Belarusian and Russian subject of the International Law. It would mean that Mr. Putin will have the opportunity to continue his presidential carrier being elected in the allegedly new subject of the International Law. Thus the State administrations in Moscow and Minsk are carrying out the purpose directed against the interests of Belarus. These activities are carried out in secret from the society, behind closed doors.

The current regime is using the fashionable terminology: “two countriesone market”, “the road mapetc. in order to hide the essence of its activitythe complete subordination of the Belarusian economy to Moscow.

In accordance with this model the unique legal regulation will function meaning the unique legislative center. Because of that it is understandable that the State administrations are acting in order to abolish the sovereign right of Belarus to control its economic life. Consequently, it will be the end of the existence of Belarus as a sovereign state.

The State administrations are acting amid the systematic deterioration of the economic situation in Belarus. The unprofitability of business entities is growing. They are unable to repay the credits and debt-stocks. The financial and lending crisis is approaching. It looks like the Belarusian high-ranking office-holders have decided to abolish the sovereign status of Belarus in order to hide from responsibility for their bad administration in sovereign Belarus after the Belarusian economy will collapse.

We must remind. Belarus is an independent state, a subject of the International Law. The general, principal norms which determine the principles of the independent Belarusian state are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the Constitution (art. 3) the Belarusian people is the main holder of the power in the Republic of Belarus. In accordance with the acting Laws of the Republic of Belarus the activity of persons aimed at undermining of the sovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus are determined as the serious criminal offence punishable by the Law.

At the same time the economic situation in the Russian Federation is worsening. The processes of the deterioration are getting into full swing in Russia. The military Russian aggression against other sovereign states is growing as well as the strangulation of the civil rights and freedoms in the Russian Federation. Because of that under the Russian rule the Russian criminal and the illegal seizures will come to Belarus as well as the corruption will grow instead of the investment and the economic development.

We consider the activity of the Belarusian office-holders as the unconstitutional which runs counter to the vital interests of the Belarusian people. We appeal the administration to stop this activity in order to protect the Belarusian people from the tragic consequences and to avoid the criminal responsibility.

We remind that the activity aimed to abolish the sovereignty of the State is a grave crime which is not subject to a time-bar. In this case the responsibility cannot be abrogated. The punishment is inevitable.

We appeal the Belarusian people be actively engaged into the national and civil solidarity and to resist the acts of treachery in order to defend the Independence of the Homeland. Our task is to stop the acts of treachery by the enemies of Belarus, as well as to establish the legal Belarusian power in our country. It cannot be that the illegal administration will surrender the sovereignty of Belarus and our country will be captured by the Kremlin and KGB criminal forces.

Long live Belarus!

The Soim of the Conservative Christian PartyBelarusian Peoples Front

September 8, 2019

(Chairman of the Party Mr. Zianon Pazniak)