The Belarusian People Defends the Independence

posted Mar 3, 2020, 10:07 AM by Адміністратар Навін   [ updated Mar 3, 2020, 10:08 AM ]


Russia is intensifying its aggressive politics against Belarus. This fact witnesses the high danger to the independence and sovereignty of our country. The Russian hybrid war against the Belarusian nation has been intensified on all the directions. The pro-Moscow regime is methodically annihilating the schools in the Belarusian language of instruction, the Belarusian education and the Belarusian language. The Russian organizations are intensifying the penetration of the pseudo-culture into the Belarusian infrastructures. The Russian TV-channels are disseminating savage Russian propaganda broadcasting it in Belarus.

Russia has provoked the artificial dependence of the Belarusian economy from the supplies of energy from Russia. Because of that Moscow has possibility to force its satrap in order to cancel the state sovereignty in an exchange of the supplies of energy.

This is the technology of the Russian hybrid war: to implant its henchman, to force him to connect the economy of the country to the Russian issues of energy, to support its satrap in power and at the same time to blackmail him with this energetic dependence forcing him to repay with the sovereignty of our country. From the very beginning (1994) Mr. A. Lukashenka is the lever used by the Russian politics in order to secure the occupation of Belarus. This person represents the biggest danger to the independence and future of the Belarusian state.

The last time the Kremlin has elaborated a next project of the incorporation of Belarus under the title of “deepened integration”. This project has been coordinated with A. Lukashenka. At the end of 2019 the Russian leadership together with A. Lukashenka has elaborated secretly in Moscow 31 programs (“road maps”) of the liquidation of sovereign Belarusian state and the Belarusian nation. These secret documents (like the pact Molotov-Ribbentrop) provide the stepwise liquidation of Belarus. This is a plan of the hybrid aggression.

At the same time during the last three years Russia has transferred its troops to the Belarusian border and formed in this region (Yelnia and Klintsy, Briansk reg., Russia) some new military strike groups in order to use them in the invasion of Belarus.

In these circumstances the defence of the state independence and sovereignty of Belarus requires the concrete actions and precise politics.

1). The Belarusian society must by all means liquidate the main danger to the independence and existence of our state – to get rid of the presence of A. Lukashenka on the top of state power.

2). The Belarusian society must be prepared to resist with arms the Russian aggressors.

3). The Belarusian society must protest actively against the Moscow’s plans to incorporate Belarus.

4). It is necessary to appeal the international society of the USA and Great Britain recalling the statements of the Budapest Memorandum 1994.

The XII Congress of the Conservative Christian Party – Belarusian People’s Front

February 22, 2020