The Lukashenka regime has signed in Moscow the next agreements with Russia on the “European and Asiatic Economical Integration” and the treaty on the “European and Asiatic Economical Commission”. In accordance with these agreements is foreseen the foundation of the “European and Asiatic Economical Union of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan”. All these agreements cannot be recognized by the Belarusian people and the international community the legal documents. Putin's Russia is planning the next time to expand its empire at expense of Belarus.

From the Belarusian side the documents have been signed by the leader of the state power which is not controlled by the Belarusian people in any form. He doesn't represent the interests of the Belarusian people. This state power represented by A. Lukashenka is illegal and unlawful. It is not recognized by the Belarusian people and the international community. The international documents signed by this state power are illegal.

The unauthorized activity by Lukashenka directed on the undermining of the sovereignty of Belarus represents the actions of the high treason and contradicts the Constitution. There are the following actions: the liquidation of the state border with Russia, conclusion of the treaty on the so-called “United State” with Russia, the signing of the agreement on the Custom Union with Russia and Kazakhstan and recently — the signing of the European and Asiatic Economical Integration, as well as the plans of introduction of the Russian currency and the Russian atomic missiles to Belarus.

Lukashenka is acting in this manner because he is trying to avoid the responsibility for the destruction of the national economy, education and culture. He is afraid to lose his power and hopes to use the foreign military force in the struggle against the people.

We appeal the Belarusian society not to recognize as legal the agreements signed by the illegal leader of the state power in Belarus. We appeal all the citizens of Belarus, all the organizations and institutions to resist this anti-national policy with all possible legal methods.

We appeal to prepare our society to the social transformation which will cause the formation of the new patriotic democratic leadership of Belarus and the new free and independent development of the Belarusian culture and economy.

The leadership of the Conservative Christian Party — Belarusian Popular Front

Siarhey PAPKOU

November 23, 2011