Nowmany Belarusians does understand the sense of the “information war”and what is doing Russia in this war. After the Putin’s aggressionagainst Ukraine and the occupation of Crimea everybody was forced tounderstand these things. Moscow is continuing the information waragainst the Belarusian Rebirth. About seven years ago I have noticedthe anti-Belarusian rhetoric of Mrs. Svetlana Alexievich after shehad expressed the rude tale against me and the Belarusian fight forfreedom. I have seen the absolute identity of her arguments with thecommunist methods of the Russian propaganda.

TheRussian propaganda does use a classical cliché of the propagandistictale. The propagandist is using the confidential tone in its falsedialog with the “object” (this dialog didn’t take place inreality) and convince the readers that the “object” become“pensive” and so one. Thus the propagandist is acting as a falsewitness which witnesses for example about the “boy crucified byUkrainians in Donbas region” or about Zianon Pazniak “which hadserved in the German police during the WWII”. The Russianpropaganda hopes not only to convince the people to believe thisfalse information but first of all to stimulate the dissemination ofthis false information in the information space.

Thesecond cliché of the Russian propaganda is the propagandisticrelativism. The propagandist is composing the false information andthe information which refutes this false information. In thissituation everybody should assimilate this false information as theunique true information. Mr. A. Lukashenka is the big master of thiscliché, he’s a native talent of tale. He was able to speak threetimes a day expressing the contrasting ideas every time duringparliamentary discussions. Every time he was convinced in his ownabsolute rightness.

Notby chance Mrs. Alexievich had lauded A. Lukashenka as a “uniquepolitician” in Belarus. She’s using his methods very often. Shepresents regularly her flow of consciousness.

Amonth ago she has said in her interview for the German newspaperTageszeitung: “The Belarusian people has the mentality of slaves.Thisis a small, always oppressed nation”. ("Die Weißrussen habeneine Sklavenmentalität. Es ist eine kleine Nation, sie war immerunterdrückt.").

OnJune 12, 2016 Mrs. Alexievich has presented herself as the “Russianwriter” on the meeting with the Jewish emigrants in Brooklin, NewYork. She has told them: “You know, I never did support theexpressions like “people is the cattle” or “people is theslave”. These expressions are not precise”.

Thisis the occasion to remember A. Lukashenka. She tells to the Germansthat “The Belarusian people has the mentality of slaves. This is asmall, always oppressed nation” and to the Soviet Jews in Brooklyn(some Belarusians have participated in those meeting) she tells thatshe doesn’t support such expressions and that they are “notprecise” and “not true”. It would be necessary to repent inthis situation. But she keeps silence. She’s convinced that bothpositions are right. This is the ambivalent psychopathy and theabsolute antinomy. But this collision is not absurd. This is theRussian propaganda method of disinformation.

Itwas interesting to listen that speech before the Jewish auditoriumbecause Mrs. Alexievich has said: “The Polish people treated theJewish people worse than others. The Catholic priests appealed intheir preaches – “Kill the Jews!”

Thisa typical yellow propaganda! But Mrs. Alexievich herself is creatingsuch “yellow propaganda” arguing the topics which she doesn’tunderstand. She is arguing on the low narrow-minded level. She likesvery much to discuss about the politics (she understand nothing inthe politics) and to produce the profane rubbish being in earnest.This is an example from her speech made in Washington: “Hitler hasannihilated the Jewish people in Belarus. This was the main culturalstrata in our country. The cultural stability was based on thisstrata. Nowadays this peasant population doesn’t have any elite. Ithas only the unique knowledge – a peasant one”.(

Itis necessary to listen and read such opuses two times in order tounderstand the sense of the speech. How sophisticated is thispropaganda atavism! This propaganda is primitive, without any glimmerof the conscience and the intellect.

Wedon’t comment this false profanation but we draw attention to thefact that this is the atavistic propaganda mythology in its politicalimplication. The “Russian world” and Mrs. Alexievich arecultivating this mythology constantly. They are presenting Belarus asa country without any elite which has only the peasants, thebast-shoes and the poverty. In accordance with their mythologyBelarus has only the Jewish elite.

Itis necessary to understand in our Belarusian reality that the personsa la Alexievich are pretending to be intellectuals and democrats.Nowadays they are even criticizing a little bit Putin and the“Russian world”. But in reality these persons are pushing Belarusinto this “Russian world” through the back entrance and packingtheir ideas into the quasi-democratic envelope and phraseology. Weunderstand these methods very well. They are trying to present manyRussian marginal public persons as “talented masters” and“intellectuals”, to invite them to Minsk and to bring up theBelarusians to “their intellectual standard”.

Thegamble with the Alexievich’s Nobel Price (the Germans have securedthis nomination) cannot be useful for Belarus. She is capable to usethe mimicry but she will never apprehend the Belarusian victims ofthe struggle for freedom, the Belarusian heroism, the Belarusianlanguage, the Belarusian Rebirth. She blacked all these values thewhole her life. She’s not friendly, she’s foreign for Belarus.Don’t have illusions, Belarusians! Don’t touch this snake! Yourhopes that something can change are illusory. Perhaps these hopes ofsome persons are pleasant but they are not connected with thereality.

ManyBelarusians (like Aleh Trusau for example) mean that it is notnecessary to discuss with such person and analyse its sicklycomplexes and ideas. Perhaps it’s right. But we should know thatthe gamble with the Alexievich’s Nobel Price has been prepared bythe rational Germans. It has been prepared apart from everything elsein order to permit her to spit into the face of the Belarusian peoplefrom the top of the “Nobel Price” with impunity. But it will benot like this.


June22, 2016

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