Theleadership of the Conservative Christian Party – BelarusianPeople’s Front on behalf of the Soim of the Party is authorized todeclare the following:

TheRussian secret special services are making preparations of theincorporation of Belarus into Russia. There are several witnesses ofthis activity: a special constant group of “the integration” hasbeen founded in Moscow, the leadership of Russia (Mr. Medvedev) hasmade some aggressive statements as well as the Lukashenka pro-Moscowregime is acting in order to liquidate definitively the Belarusiancivil society. The Lukashenka regime has started the intensiverepressions against the journalists and non-governmental media. Theregime is persecuting and liquidating the independent trade-unionsand arresting the civil activists. Since April 4, 2019 the Lukashenkaregime has started the destruction of the national Belarusiannecropolis – the National Memorial in Kurapaty near Minsk which isthe heritage monument of the first category. The Russian communistshave shot 250 000 innocent persons in Kurapaty during theRussian communist genocide of the Belarusian nation in 1937-1941.

Attheendof2018 MoscowrequiredthespecialrepresentativeofthepresidentoftheRussianFederationtobeappointedinBelarusastheambassadorofRussia.TheKGB-FSB functionary Mr. Mikhail Babich has been appointed to thispost. The special representative Mr. M. Babich is violating the normsof diplomacy, is promoting the propaganda of “the Russian world”,coordinating the Russian secret residents in Belarus, arrangingreceptions of the Russian residents in the Embassy of the RussianFederation in Minsk as well as travelling regularly in Belarus forthe purpose of founding of the parallel pro-Russian structures ofpower which will come to light at hour X (like in Ukrainian Donbassoccupied by Russia)withthe beginning of the occupation of Belarus by Russia.

Russiainstitutes the function of “the special representative” always inorder to prepare the occupation of the neighbouring country. TheBaltic states have been occupied by Russia in this way in 1940 (theMoscow’s special representative in Estonia was Mr. A. Zhdanov; inLatvia was Mr. A. Vyshinskiy; in Lithuania was Mr. V. Dekanozov).Russia has destroyed the Commonwealth of the Kingdom of Poland andthe Grand Duchy of Lithuania in 18thcentury in the same way.

Mr.A Lukashenka is the puppet of Moscow. He has appointed the RussianKGB-FSB functionaries to the posts of chiefs of the security sector(the KGB, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Army etc.). TheMinistry of Education and the Department of Education are headed alsoby the functionaries. They are restoring the cult of Stalin, theYoung Communists Organization and the communist ideology. TheLukashenka regime’s KGB and the Russian FSB are holding regularlythe common meetings and acting in the interests of Russia. TheRussian residents in the Belarusian authorities are changinghurriedly the colours of the official billboards into the symboliccolours of Russia. This is a powerful signal of the fact that Putin’sRussia has elaborated plans of the incorporation of the Belarusianterritory as well as of the subordination of Belarus acting with theconsent of the traitorous Lukashenka regime.

WehaveatasktowarntheneighbouringcountriesaswellasallthecountriesoftheWesternworld,thatiftheincorporationandoccupationofBelarusbyMoscowandtherestorationoftheRussiansocialisminoccupiedBelaruswillbealloweditwouldsignifythedangerforwholeEuropeandpossiblywould provoke the new Russian war against the Western world. Thepeople of Belarus will resist the Russian hybrid aggression with allmethods.

WeconsiderthatthepoliticsofWesterncountriesaswellaspoliticsofourneighbouring countries musttake into account theMoscow’s efforts to incorporate Belarus, to change the balance ofrelations in Europe and to threat with war to the Westerncivilizationvery seriously.We would like to see the position of the Western countries which willstop the aggressive intentions of Putin’s Russia and its intentionsto subordinate Belarus.


ZianonPAZNIAK – the Chairman;

YuriBelenki – Vice Chairman;

SiarheyPapkou – Vice Chairman

April19, 2019