of theSoimoftheConservativeChristianPartyBelarusianPeoplesFront.

The Current Belarusian Regime Has Declared ThatIt Is Working On “the Program Of the Implementation Of “theUnion Treaty” With the Russian Federation”

Thelast timethe officialrepresentatives,theoffice-holders ofthe seniorposts inthe stateadministration ofBelarus, inparticular Mr.AliaksandrLukashenka andMr. SiarheyRumas, aremaking theofficialstatements onthe Stateadministrationactivity whichis kept secret from the people. The state administration is actingtogether with its counterpart of the Russian Federation on theprogram of the implementation of “the 1999 Union Treaty” withRussia. (This “Union Treaty” is illegal, unconstitutional andnever recognized in the world).

Onbehalf ofRussia thisactivity iscaused bythe desireof theactual Russianpresident Mr.Vladimir Putinto maintainin perpetuity hispower inthe Kremlinbecause hecannot standfor election in the next presidential elections in 2024 in accordancewith the Law. Meanwhilethe incorporationof Belarusbased onthe neverrecognized 1999Treaty wouldgive himthe opportunityto establishformally any newBelarusian andRussian subjectof theInternationalLaw. It would mean that Mr. Putin will havethe opportunity to continue his presidential carrier being elected inthe allegedly new subject of the International Law. Thus theStateadministrationsin Moscowand Minskare carrying outthe purpose directed against the interestsof Belarus. These activities are carried out in secret from thesociety, behind closed doors.

Thecurrent regimeis usingthe fashionableterminology: “twocountriesonemarket”, “theroad mapetc. inorder tohide theessence ofits activitythe completesubordination ofthe Belarusianeconomy toMoscow.

In accordance with this model the unique legalregulation will function meaning the unique legislative center.Because of that it is understandable thatthe State administrations are acting in order to abolish thesovereign right of Belarus to control its economic life.Consequently, it will be the end of the existence of Belarus as asovereign state.

TheStateadministrationsare actingamid thesystematicdeterioration ofthe economicsituation inBelarus. The unprofitability of businessentities is growing. They are unable to repay the credits anddebt-stocks. The financial and lending crisis is approaching. Itlooks like the Belarusian high-ranking office-holders have decided toabolish the sovereign status of Belarus in order to hide fromresponsibility for their bad administration in sovereign Belarusafter the Belarusian economy will collapse.

Wemust remind.Belarus isan independentstate, asubject ofthe InternationalLaw. Thegeneral, principal norms which determine the principles of theindependent Belarusian state are enshrined in the Constitution of theRepublic of Belarus. In accordance with the Constitution (art. 3) theBelarusian people is the main holder of the power in the Republic ofBelarus. In accordance with the acting Laws of the Republic ofBelarus the activity of persons aimed at undermining of thesovereignty and independence of the Republic of Belarus aredetermined as the serious criminal offence punishable by the Law.

At the same time the economic situation in theRussian Federation is worsening. The processes of the deteriorationare getting into full swing in Russia. The military Russianaggression against other sovereign states is growing as well as thestrangulation of the civil rights and freedoms in the RussianFederation. Because of that under the Russian rule the Russiancriminal and the illegal seizures will come to Belarus as well as thecorruption will grow instead of the investment and the economicdevelopment.

Weconsider theactivity ofthe Belarusianoffice-holdersas theunconstitutionalwhich runscounter to the vitalinterests of the Belarusian people. Weappeal the administration to stop this activity in order to protectthe Belarusian people from the tragic consequences and to avoid thecriminal responsibility.

Weremind thatthe activityaimed toabolish thesovereignty ofthe Stateis agrave crimewhich isnot subject to a time-bar. In this case theresponsibility cannot be abrogated. The punishment is inevitable.

Weappeal theBelarusian peoplebe activelyengaged intothe nationaland civilsolidarity andto resistthe acts of treachery inorder todefend theIndependence ofthe Homeland. Our task is to stop the actsof treachery by the enemies of Belarus, as well as to establish thelegal Belarusian power in our country. Itcannot bethat theillegaladministrationwill surrenderthe sovereigntyof Belarusand ourcountry willbe capturedby the Kremlin and KGB criminal forces.

Long live Belarus!

The Soimof theConservativeChristian PartyBelarusianPeoplesFront

September 8, 2019

(Chairman of the Party Mr. Zianon Pazniak)