October4-30, 2019 theregimeiscarryingouttheofficialcensus.Thelistofthequestionsincludedintothecensusquestionnaire reflects two tasks of the pro-Moscow regime in Belarus.The first task is the argumentation for the implementation of thepolitics of assimilation and russification of Belarus. The secondtask represents an attempt to get the detailed information regardingthe social and economic, cultural, ideological and political as wellas family status of the person in order to secure the regime’scontrol over the population.

Firstand second positions of the census are violating the human rights andthe Constitution of Belarus. They reflect the political interests ofthe antidemocratic authoritarian regime in Belarus as well as thepolitics of Moscow which is controlling the anti-popular regime inBelarus.

Themain question of the census questionnaire is the question of theBelarusian language: who will proclaim it as his/her native tongue,who speaks it. The questions are formulated incorrectly and based onthe disinformation of the persons as well as on the results of thepolitics of russification and assimilation. The complicated situationin our country has been overlooked. The census questionnairecontradicts the precise recommendations of the UN European EconomicCommission on the population census (paragraphs 34, 35).

Thesituation is complicated because of the politics of theantidemocratic Lukashenka regime which seeks to secure therussification of the Belarusian population. Since the beginnings ofthis regime (1994) 70% of the schools in Belarusian language havebeen transformed into the Russian schools. The regime has burned allthe school-books in Belarusian language. Hereafter the regimesystematically liquidated the remained schools in Belarusianlanguage, some per cent every year. At the present time the remainingschools in Belarusian language represent 10%. The Belarusian familiesare deprived of the right to choose the native tongue for theeducation of their children.

Thefraudulent official censuses contributed to the politics of theliquidation of the schools in Belarusian language because the regimeunderreported the national self-identification and the native tongueof the population.

Theactual census 2019 is carried on for the same purpose. It takes intoaccount the interests of Moscow which is intensifying the integrationof Belarus into Russia. The representatives of Putin and Lukashenkaare discussing now behind closed doors in Moscow theanti-constitutional action of the integration. The fraudulent censusis aimed to ensure the additional false arguments for the integrationof Belarus into Russia.

TheBelarusiansocietyhasnowaytocontroltheactivityofthestateenumerators,the process of the census as well of the results of the census. Theregime does what it wants. First days and weeks of the census haveconfirmed this fact. The official enumerators even don’t ask thepersons about the language and write the Russian as the native tongueto everybody. The census questionnaire exists only in Russianlanguage. For example, one of the enumerators (Salihorsk province)has confessed that all enumerators write the Russian as the nativetongue to everybody without asking the persons. Thus the regime iscarrying on the falsification of the census.

Thereis no point to participate in the fraudulent census because the falsestatistics will be used for the benefit of the anti-popular politicsof the authoritarian regime as well as of Moscow.

Thesystematic violations of the procedure of the census reveal the factthat the results of the census 2019 in Belarus don’t reflect thereal situation of the population and could not be accepted. Theycould not be used in the statistic and as the statisticargumentation.

Wewould like to stress the negative nature of the regime’santi-popular politics and of its crude manipulations with thepopulation of Belarus. We witness that the regime’s politics areillegal and inacceptable.

October13,2019 Minsk

The Soim of the ConservativeChristian Party – Belarusian People’s Front

hairmanZianon Pazniak)