The state institutions in Belarus are paralyzed. Because of that thestate power in our country doesn’t change. The Lukashenka regimehas formed the system of the absolute power after the coup d’etatoccurred in 1996. The regime is subordinated to one person which heldoffice of president. Instead of the democratic and transparentelections the regime has formed a system of electoral frauds. Thissystem is under the full control of the regime’s administrationwhich specifies results of the election results in accordance withthis scheme.

The Belarusian society has been moved aside and has no possibility toobserve and control the process of the ballot counting, preparationof the ballot protocols as well as of the voter lists. During theelections the regime is using the intimidation and repressions inorder to drive the voters to the polling places especially during 5days of the preliminary voting which is absolutely unmonitored by thesociety. The right of the citizens is being brutally violated. Thelegal possibilities to change the power are eliminated.

It would be possible to resolve this problem by exerting influence onauthorities (in accordance with the Constitution) but theanti-popular authorities don’t respect this right. In the realitythe civil resistance could resolve this problem. The results of thisstruggle depend on the strengths of mass protests. We appeal thesociety to start this legal and just struggle.

The Movement for the democratic and legal elections requires:

1). to exclude A. Lukashenka from the presidential elections in 2020.In accordance with the Law 2004 he doesn’t have any right tocandidate on the presidential elections;

2). to change the whole Central electoral commission;

3). to cancel the preliminary voting.

The Movement starts to act since the moment of the publication ofthis Appeal in the Internet.

The Movement is using the method of establishing of the free groupsin whole Belarus which will unite in the future in the system inorder to carry out the concrete actions.

The XII Congress of the Conservative Christian Party –Belarusian People’s Front

February 22, 2020