More than 20 years ago the catastrophe on the Chernobyl nuclear powerplant took place. As a result of this tragedy Belarus has sufferedhuge economic losses and many human lives. It will take many decadesto overcome the effects of the Chernobyl catastrophe.

Nowadays one more risk hangs over the Belarusian nation and theneighboring countries – the Astravets nuclear power plant. Thisnuclear power plant has been invented by Russia. This Russian projectwasn’t tested. The nuclear power plant on the territory of Belarushas the Russian staff. It will use the Russian fuel. It has beenconstructed and will function on the Russian money which has beenformalized as a credit to the regime in Belarus. The Belarusianpeople must pay back this credit with percents. The half of theproduced energy will be directed to Russia.

Despite the scientific facts the Russians build the nuclear powerstation at the intersection of geological plates, in the highlyseismic area, where the earthquakes take place regularly. The nuclearpower station is situated in a densely populated area between twocapitals –Vilnius and Minsk. Despite the expert evaluations made bythe specialists on geology, economy and energy Moscow build thenuclear power station in this area. The Astravets area is the mostdangerous among 28 areas proposed to the construction of the nuclearpower station. This decision has been taken by one person -- the headof the Minsk regime power. He hopes to make money be salling theenergy to abroad because Belarus has enough energy. But nobody needsthe energy from Astravets.

The ongoing construction of the nuclear power plant is accompanied bymany violations of technology and technological standards. TheRussian workers and engineers are doing their work in accordance withthe Russian tradition: with the violations of technology andshortcomings, negligently. The fires took place several times on theterritory of the nuclear power plant. Some persons have lost lifeduring the construction. The problem of preserving of the spentnuclear fuel wasn’t resolved until now. These violations oftechnology and shortcomings guarantee the catastrophe in the future.The Russians have chosen this inappropriate place for the nuclearpower plant because it is well suited for the Russian aggression.This fact witnesses that this nuclear superbomb planted under Belaruswill definitely explode.

It is yet possible to stop the construction of the Astravets nuclearpower station before the Russians arrive with the nuclear fuel. It isnecessary to stop the nuclear death of Belarus by any means beforeit’s too late. We appeal the people to resist. We appeal themilitary men to act because it is possible to resolve this problem.We appeal the people to stage the manifestations, pickets, rallies,acts of boycotting, to appeal the international organizations. Buteverything depends on the Belarusian people. Our life is our right.The construction of the nuclear power station in Astravets must bestopped.

The XII Congress of the Conservative Christian Party –Belarusian People’s Front

February 22, 2020