Кансэрватыўна-ХрысьціянскаяПартыя – Беларускі Народны Фронт

ConservativeChristian Party – Belarusan Peоple’sFront



Amnesty International

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The leadership of the Conservative Christian Party – BelarusanPeople’s Front

ThePolitical Prisoners ShouldBe Released

Theanti-Belarusan antidemocratic Lukashenka regime is launching thescheduled elections of the president of the Republic of Belarus. Thispolitical process is propelled by repressions, police raids, arrestsand tortures in the prisons against the participants of the signaturecampaign in favour of the pretenders for appointment to thecandidates.

Nowmore that 100 political prisoners are behind bars. Among them are thecivil activists and organizers of the electoral campaign Mr. SiarheiCihanouski and Mr. Pavel Sevyarynets who are detained in deplorableconditions and are tortured. They are detained in the punishmentcells. They are forbidden to seat down and lie down as well as tosleep. They dontreceiveanough potable water as well as food. They donthave right to receive care packeges from their families orhumanitarian organizations. The jailers are insulting them verballyand physically. The Belarusan media abroad and the Human Right CenterVyasna have just published this information.

Wehope that you will show the solidarity as well as support the personsillegally arrested on political grounds.

ZianonPazniak, Chairman of the Conservative Christian Party – BPF

YuriBelenki, Vice Chairman

SiarheiPapkou, Vice Chairman

June24, 2020