(*Гэты мэмарандум пасланы ў структуры кіраўніцтва Эўразьвязу і АБСЭ дзеля інфармацыі аб ацэнках і пазыцыі беларускага нацыянальна-вызвольнага змаганьня супраць прамаскоўскага тэрарыстычнага рэжыму ў Беларусі.)

The authoritarian personalist Lukashenka regime has been established in Belarus 26 years ago with the assistance of Russia. This regime has concentrated in its hands unlimited state power. The Lukashenka regime is one of the most sinister phenomena in the history of the antinational regimes in Europe. The existence of a such system of power represents a challenge for the European civilization.

The Lukashenka’s presidency is illegal. His political activity is aimed at using the state and the society for his personal and his entourage's benefit.

The regime is aggressively anti-Belarusian and oriented to Moscow. The Lukashenka government is waging political war against the Belarusian nation. During 26 years the regime is carrying out a systemic policy with the purpose of elimination of the Belarusian culture, Belarusian language, Belarusian identity, Belarusian national elite using the method of the consistent Russification which benefits only Russia. This process have had all characteristics of an ethnocide. The last year this process has taken a form of a genocide of the Belarusian nation.

During the peaceful protest actions in 2020 the security forces have killed more than 10 persons, following the orders of Lukashenka. Thousands of persons have been wounded and tortured in the prisons. More than 34 000 of persons have been imprisoned and several hundreds of them have get a long sentence. Thousands of persons have been compelled to leave Belarus because of the terror.

Very often the regime persecutes the persons which are dressed in clothes of the white and red colours (modelled after the national white-red-white flag), or whose clothes have a combination of these colours. The regime is trying to present the ancient Belarusian flag and coat of arms as the symbols of the Nazi German occupation.

The judicial system has been transformed into a mechanism of repressions. The courts are ignoring the facts of police violence and politically motivated killings. The participants of these killings are acquitted at trials. The victims are treated as criminals. An example for this is the case of Mr. Henadz Shutau, who has been killed by the military special forces on August 11, 2020 in Brest.

The minister of the Interior and the commanding officers of the security structures threaten to kill the protesters, to shoot the patriots and „not to take prisoners“. They also personally participate in the repressions against the citizens.

In fact, a military dictatorship has been installed in Belarus. This dictatorship has been finally formalized by the Lukashenka’s decree On the Defence of the Sovereignty and Constitutional Order which has provided the extraordinary authorizations to the unconstitutional body – the Security Council. On May 17, 2021 a new „law“ has been passed. In accordance with this law the army, police and other security structures as well as officials of the courts, procurator offices and state institutions have right to shoot protesters on site using combat weapons. At that the state officials aren’t answerable for the killing and crippling of people. This this is an evidence of the legal implementing of the terrorist regime. The terrorism became a product of the Lukashenka regime. This is a criminal act against the humanity.

The Lukashenka regime has taken as a model the Hitler regime in Germany and the Stalin regime in the USSR. A. Lukashenka has declared this idea personally. The Lukashenka’s minister of the Foreign Affairs Mr. Uladzimir Makey has confirmed the anti-Belarusian politics of regime. He has warned the Western countries that the regime will eliminate the civil society in Belarus if the sanctions would be applied against the regime.

This inhuman policy is exacerbated by the dangerous health status of A. Lukashenka which is estimated by specialists as a paranoid psychic disturbance. The mentally ill dictator is maniacally searching for the enemies, complots and is ready to take revenge on all dissenters. The illegal forced landing of the passenger air liner Athens – Vilnius with the Belarusian opposition activist and emigrant Raman Pratasevich on board using a military aircraft is explained by the Lukashenka’s manic state. The dictator has ordered to use the military air force and to arrest the opposition activist.

We inform the international community that only the Belarusian people could eliminate the inhumane regime which is demonstrating the qualities of the fascist dictatorship. We hope the international community will understand our struggle and support it. It is obvious that A. Lukashenka is trying to preserve his power using the continuous terror. But the Belarusian society will continue to struggle for the freedom, democracy and independence of Belarus. .

June 09, 2021

The Belarusian National Secretariat “Free Belarus”